Banking & Insurance (BBI)

First Year

Semester I

Semester II

Environment and Management of Financial Services

Principles and Practices of Banking & Insurance

Principles of Management

Financial Accounting

Effective Communication - I

Effective Communication - II

Economics - I (Micro)

Economics -II (Macro)

Quantative Methods - I

Quantative Methods - II

Introduction to Computer Systems

Business Law

Second Year

Semester III

Semester IV

Laws Governing Banking & Insurance

Universal Banking

Financial Management - I

Financial Management - II

Management Accounting (Tools & Techniques, Focus on Banking & Insurance)

Innovations in Banking and Insurance

Customer Relationship Mgmt. in Banking & Insurance

Corporate Law and Laws Governing Capital Markets

Information Technology in Banking & Insurance

Entrepreneurship Management

Organisational Behaviour

Financial Markets(Equity, Debt, Forex and Derivatives)

Taxation of Financial Services

Cost Accounting of Banking & Insurance

Third Year

Semester V

Semester VI

Marketing in Banking & Insurance

Strategic Management (Banking & insurance)

Financial Services Management

Central Banking

International Banking & Finance

International Business (Banking and Insurance)

Financial Reporting and Analysis(Corporate Banking & Insurance)

Human Resource Management in Banking and Insurance

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Business Ethics & Corporate Governance


Turnaround Management

Project Presentation - Banking Insurance - I

Special Studies in Banking & Insurance - II (Projects)