Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS)

Year: 2007-08 - Hindustan Technology HTMT House in Bangaluru
  • Science Museum, Bengaluru - Dec-2007

  • Seminar at HAL Bangaluru Dec-2007

  • Vrindavan Garden Bangaluru Dec-2007

  • Industrial and Technological Seminar, Bengaluru - Dec-2007

Year: 2008-09 - DLF in DELHI – GURGAON–NOIDA
  • Seminar at DLF, Delhi - Dec 2008

  • Seminar at DLF, Delhi - Dec 2008

Year: 2009-10 - e-SYSBaddiin Shimla
  • DLF Campus view Dec-2009

  • DLF Campus view Dec-2009

Year: 2011-12 - Xenosoft Technologies Global Pvt. Bangaluru
  • XT Global InfoTech Dec-11

  • XT Global InfoTech Dec-11

Year: 2012-13 - Infosys in Pune
  • Infosys Campus View, Pune Sep-2012

  • Sparc Seminar at Infosys, Pune Sep-2012

  • Sparc Project Discussion at Infosys, Pune Sep-2012

  • Feedback Session at Infosys, Pune Sep-2012

Year: 2015-16

Pune (Hinjewadi) At I2IT on (11 th August 2015)
  • Seminar conducted about latest Software tools, utilities in current organization.

Parle Agro Pvt.Ltd (Lonavala) at Pune on (28th March 2016)
  • Production and manufacturing of Parle products & processes (Beverages), information about types of products and monitoring.

Pune (Hinjewadi) At I2IT at on (28th March 2016)
  • Seminar conducted about software, Hardware tools and data warehousing management in current organization.