Vasundhara Natures Club

The department of Environmental Studies runs a nature club, the primary objective of which is to involve students in activities that lead just not towards awareness but also sensitization of them towards environmental issues.
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Activities organised under the banner of Vasunadhara Nature Club

  • Nature Trails

  • Documentary Screenings

  • Visit to Geographically, Naturally and Historically Significant Places

Vasundhara Nature Club is committed to undertake charge of activities relating to environment concerns, create awareness and come up with solutions to create a healthy surrounding. We are a group of highly motivated volunteers of Shankar Narayan College trying to make our contribution towards conservation and protection of nature. The club also brainstorms on innovative ideas to lead an eco-friendly life. We undertook several activities throughout the academic year 2017-2018 that needed attention and helped us come closer to nature.

  • We started with designing a logo for our Nature Club in the month of August 2017. From several entries submitted by students, a logo was chosen that justified our objective and activities we embark on. With approval of management and Principal the chosen VNC logo made an official entry into documentation.

  • Our students attended a workshop on ‘Municipal solid waste management’ conducted by Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The workshop that ran between 1st September -3rd September 2017, gave us insight on various models of compost bins and recycling techniques used to manage waste. Numerous companies and NGOs that work for Solid Waste Management participated and guided us to understand Municipal solid waste management practices.

  • Activity of tree-tagging for varieties of trees, plants and shrubs in our college campus was carried out by Vasundhara Nature Club members, on 11th October 2017. Printed Tree tags were hung around the green cover to help students, teachers and guests visiting the college premises to identify and learn basic information about the trees and plants such as common name, botanical name, purpose of use, botanical description etc.

  • A video lecture was conducted for students, on 8thJanuary 2018, to educate them on issues related to Global warming. Educational Video created by National Geographic that portrayed concept of Global warming, its effect on the world and country-specific contributions to curb the problem was showcased. Also, tips to use innovative ideas and reduce global warming or reduce negative impact on environment were discussed. Some of them include- switch to cleaner or renewable sources of energy, save electricity, rainwater harvesting, conserve water, avoid plastic bags instead use paper or cloth bags, segregate E-waste, create home-compost for biodegradable waste etc.

  • Field-visit was arranged in collaboration with Inner-will club members to Keshav Srishti old age home and orphanage in Gorai on 22nd February 2018. Students also explored the sanctity and beauty of Global Vipassana Pagoda while getting insights on power of meditation in one’s life.

  • Guest Lecture by Mr. Sai Khanolkar, Solid Waste Management Expert from LAHS India Pvt. Ltd, conducted on 5th March 2018. He briefed our students on Municipal Solid Waste, Municipal Solid Waste Management practices in Mumbai, Case studies performed by LAHS for waste management, and how can common man participate in managing waste and possibly generate benefit out of waste. Students learnt about practical application of numerous methods, tools and machinery used to manage waste efficiently to reduce its impact on environment.

Annual Report 2016-17

The department of environmental studies runs Vashundhara Nature Club .The objective of Nature Club is to create awareness among the students for conservation of our environment which is relates to local, regional and global problems and to awaken the sense of responsibility towards our environment. The nature club was organized various activities which are as below:

  • Tree plantation at Manori (1stJuly, 2016): In collaboration with Lions club our students planted more than 300 plants at Manori.150 students actively participated in this activity.

  • Field Visit to Rain Water Harvesting (13th August ,2016): Aim was to create awareness on water conservation our students observed the process of rain water harvesting and they collected information about importance of water conservation.

  • Streets play (21st August, 2016): On the occasion of 8th Mega Monsoon Marathon our students were performed street play on Global Warming. They addressed on couses, effects, and how to control the Global Warming.

  • Visit to solid waste dumping ground at Gorai (5th January,2017): The disposal of solid waste is a burning problem. This problem is continue to grow with the growth of population and development of industries. Gorai it is one of the smallest dump site of Mumbai. Presently, the site receives 1200 tons per day Municipal Solid Waste from the Western Suburbs of Mumbai Wards.

  • Visit to Global Pagoda (10th February,2017): The nature club organized visit to Global Vipassana Pagoda for the students to learn the Meditation and Vipassana skills. Students attended meditation session .Throughout the session, the students experienced peace and self-realization.


Mrs. Sameeksha Tripathi