Gandhian Studies Center


The objective of the center is to spread Gandhian thoughts and philosophy among the young generation and in society at large.


  • Dr. Ambuja Joshi - Co-ordinator

  • Dr. Dheeraj Chouhan

Gandhian Studies Centre Annual Report (2016-17)

Education should not only be aimed at mere spreading of knowledge but should also be aimed at building character and moral values. Gandhiji’s life and literature is still the best source of inspiration for us to inculcate the values of love, brotherhood, truth, service, tolerance, non violence into the generations to come.

Gandhian Studies Centre of the college is always eager to disseminate Gandhian values and practices among the clan called students, youngsters rather.

The centre organized the following activities mortaring Gandhi’s way of life and philosophy among students:

  • Peace Rally : The centre participated in the Peace Rally organised by NSS Unit of University of Mumbai and Bombay Sarvoday Mandal on 6th August 2016. 25 students from the college participated with two teachers Dr. Ambuja Joshi and Prof. Chandrakant Khune. It was organised commemorating the innocent victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombing on the same date in 1945. 4000 students from different colleges participated in the same, with placards and banners sporting slogans like ‘Say No to Atomic Bomb’, ‘We want Bread not Bomb’, ‘Gandhi is the only option today’, etc.

  • Gandhi Jayanti : The College celebrated Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary on 2nd October which is also International Non-Violence Day. A function was organised in the presence of Shri Rohidasji Patil, Chairman, Shankar Narayan Education Trust and Principal Dr. V.N. Yadav. The students offered prayers in the form of flowers to the image of Mahatma Gandhi. Honourable Prime Minister of India gave a call for ‘Swachchha Bharat’ as a mass movement to realize Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of Clean India. As a responsible citizen, we organized a Cleanliness Rally on 2nd October and all teachers and students participated in this event.

    The Centre arranged the showcasing of a Movie based on Gandhiji called “Gandhi” directed by Sir Richard Attenborough. 100 students enjoyed the audio-visual treat.

  • Mahatma Gandhi’s Death Anniversary : The college observed Mahatma Gandhi’s Death Anniversary on 30th January 2017 in which the Trusstee of the College, Shree Rohidasji Patil offered prayers and flowers to the image of Gandhiji. The Principal, Staff and the Students offered their tribute by lighting the candles that epitomize his presence in our life as light. Dr. Dhiraj K Chouhan, a member of the Study Centre delivered a speech on relevnace of Gandhiji’s pholosophy in modern age.

  • Gandhi Vichar Prasar Exam. : Gandhi Vichar Prasar Exam. was conducted in the month of February 2017. The centre selected a representative Gandhi Book namely ‘Gandhi Ganga’ and ‘Bapu’. These books were distributed among the students of F.Y.B.A and F.Y.B.Com. On different dates in the said month the exam was conducted. The papers were assessed by the teachers and all the participants were given certificate of participation.

    The centre plans such good activities in the years to come.

Dr. Ambuja Joshi,

Coordinator, Gandhian Studies Centre