Junior College

F.Y.J.C / S.Y.J.C (Arts)



1st Term

First of June to Second week of October of the academic year.

2nd Term

From second week of November to April of the academic year.

3rd Term

25th December to 1st January of the year.

College Office & Library :

  • During the Summer Vacation the college office and library will remain open between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. on all working days.

  • Admission to F.Y.J.C. Arts / Commerce will start after the declaration of the result of the S.S.C. Examination conducted by the Board during the hours to be notified for the purpose as per the rules Education Dept. of the Govt. of Maharashtra.

  • Admission to S.Y.J.C. Arts, Commerce and Science Courses will start after the declaration of the results of the F.Y.J.C. Examination conducted by the Junior College for a period of 15 days only during the hours notified for the purpose.

Attendence :

  • The minimum attendance necessary for being eligible to appear for the H.S.C. Examination for S.Y.J.C. students is 75% of the working days in each term.

  • The above mentioned rule is also applicable to F.Y.J.C. students.

  • Accepting a medical certificate in lieu of short/long period of absence in practicals examinations will be left to the discretion of the Principal.

Arts Section Constructive way of learning :

National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 & State Curriculum Framework (SCF) 2010 promote Constructive model of education, wherein the learner is expected to discover and Construct his/her own learning. The role of learner is that of an active participant in the process of learning. The role of the teacher is that of a facilitator, one who encourages and supports the process. All sections of our college effectively follow this model. One of the best examples of this is our junior College Arts section. This section organized lots of co curricular activities to make learning process enjoyable & constructive. We organized various field visits to give practical knowledge to students. For example, visit to Parliament of India, Vidhan Bhavan of Maharashtra, Adivasi Pada, Local Historical place visits. Other than this some other events are there which makes learning interesting. We organized Mock Parliament, career guidance lectures & many more. Through this we want to give assurance to the society that future of the nation is being shaped in our class rooms. As well as we are presenting our self as a good option for the student who want to learn from Arts stream.