Junior College


  • Minimum Marks for passing in a subject shall be 35%.

  • Marks for theory and practicals in the subject where there are two parts shall be taken together and the total marks will be considered for a pass or distinction.

  • F.Y.J.C. students will be assessed as per the Board rules under the internal assessment system, in the A+B+C pattern :

    • A - Marks obtained in Two Unit tests of 50 Marks each.

    • B - Marks obtained in one Terminal Exam. out of 100.

    • C - Marks obtained in one Annual Exam. out of 100.

  • Marks obtained in a subject entered in the Annual Report card will be inclusive of A, B, and C and the average out of 100 will be shown.

  • An Examination in Physical Education will be conducted for F.Y.J.C. students and a grade will be allotted in the Annual Report Card.

  • There will be a compulsory project of 40 marks in environmental studies.


  • Minimum marks for passing in a subject shall be 35%.

  • In a subject for which there are two papers, or one paper and one practical test, marks will be added together for a pass, credit or distinction.

  • There will be an oral examination of 20 marks in each language.

  • There will be a compulsory EVS project / field study for 40 marks.