Junior College

Application for following awards, scholarships, freeships etc. are forwarded by the college. Details regarding these scholarships will be displayed on the Notice board from time to time.

  • National Merit Scholarship

  • National Loan Scholarship.

  • Merit Scholarships to the children of Primary and Secondary School Teachers.

  • State Government Open Merit Scholarship.

  • Government of India Scholarship to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and DT / NT Students.

  • Scholarship to Economically Backward Class Students.

  • Scholarship under the National Talent Search Scheme.


  • Scholarship for:

    • Economically Backward Class Free-Studentship.

    • Free-Studentship to the Children of Primary School Teachers and Secondary School Teachers.

    • Free-Studentship to the Scheduled Caste / S T and DT / NT / OBC.

    • Educational Concession to the children of Freedom Fighters.

    • Educational Concession to the children, wives and widows of the Defence Service Personnel.

  • Students applying for Scholarship, free-studentship should note that the same are granted on the following conditions :

    • That the applicant is regular in attendance and is in accordance with the condition governing the respective Scholarship / Free-Studentship etc.

    • That his / her conduct and progress are satisfactory.

    • That he / she is not absent without prior permission.

    • That satisfactory evidence is produced with regard to the claim for Scholarship/Free-studentship etc.

  • Students are advised to apply for Scholarship/Free-studentship as per the programme to be notified, failing which they will not be able to avail of the same.

  • Students applying for above mentioned Freeships / Scholarship etc. should apply for the same within 15 days from the date of commencement of the term. Further, students shall acknowledge receipts of their application for Freeship / Scholarships.

  • The Student Mutual Aid and Talent Development Fund is utilized to extend library facilities to poor and needy students. The college will extend guidance with a view to improve employment prospects of the students. Special programmes for career guidance will be arranged.