• Current Library

The college library was established in the year 1994, with meagre 246 books with the budget of Rs.25,934/- only. Since then the never ending journey of its progress and development began and the college library started growing leaps and bounds. Today the library has the collection of 48,034 books.

The library’s mission is to provide comprehensive resources and services, to cater to the teaching and learning needs of the teaching fraternity and to facilitate the needs of the individual user as well.

The library is the heart of the academic setup. This heart disseminates the elixir of academic life that is knowledge to the academic community and accomplishment of its educational objectives. The teacher imparts knowledge but it is the library which satisfies the individual’s inquisitiveness and sense of inquiry.

The college's Librarian Mr. Sandesh M. Dongare joined on 4/8/2008. Earlier the college library was on the Ground floor. Now the library has been shifted to the first floor of the college due to the increasing space demand as per the law of Library science- “Library is a growing organism”. The area of the college library is 6110 sq.ft. The library consists of Reference Section, Periodical Section, Network Resource Centre, Processing Section, Book Bank Section, Teachers Reading Section, Reading Room for Students; more than 60 students can sit and read in the library at a time. The entire library functioning has been automated with Libpro software along with Barcode technology. Two separate computer systems are provided for Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) so students can get quick access to books. Entire library is under CCTV surveillance. Five High Definition CCTV cameras are installed for better supervision and administration of the college Library. The collection is arranged according to Dewey Decimal Classification.