Remedial Coaching for SC / ST Students


The UGC has introduced the Remedial Coaching Scheme for SC / ST Students w.e.f. 1994. The scheme aims at improving the academic skill and linguistic proficiency of the students in the various subjects and raising their level of comprehension in such subjects where qualitative technical and laboratory work is involved and reduce their failure and dropout rate; in pursuance of this our college has also introduced the scheme for SC / ST students we.f. July 2006 with the approval and grant of UGC, New Delhi.

Objectives Of Remedical Coaching Classes

  • To improve the academic skills and linguistic proficiency of the students in various subjects

  • To raise their level of comprehension of basic subjects to provide a stronger foundation for further academic work

  • To strengthen their knowledge skills and attitudes in such subjects, where quantitative and qualitative techniques and laboratory activities are involved so that the necessary guidance and training provides under the programme may enable the student to come up to level necessary for pursuing higher studies efficiently

  • To prepare students belonging to SC / ST for competitive exams

  • Scheme of remedial coaching at Undergraduate and post graduate level for students belonging to SC / STs

AIM of Management

Management of our college aims at providing expert theoretical and practical knowledge so that students may be equipped for responsible positions in the different fields. Besides objectives of UGC scheme, our management also aims at expanding opportunities in various academic fields, self employment and self reliance in pursuance of this college has introduced Remedial Coaching Classes for SC / ST students w.e.f. July 2006 with approval and grant of UGC New Delhi, to fulfill the objectives of remedial coaching schemes under the UGC scheme

Intake and Admission

The Scheme for coaching classes shall be open to students belonging to institution as well as for students residing in the surrounding neighbourhood areas. The notification for admission for coaching classes will be based on the guidelines given by the advisory committee

Organization of the Scheme

The students may be divided into various groups, each consisting of not more than 25 students in each subject and each group may be placed under the charge of one teacher. So that the responsibility could be fixed and teachers are in a position to develop rapport with the assigned group and monitor the progress of the students. Coordinator will be responsible for maintaining coordinator between different groups of teachers to ensure effective implementation of the coaching programme, in addition to actual teaching in the classes

Method of teaching

Remedial coaching will be organized working day after the regular teaching hours of the college are over or before the commencement of classes whichever is convenient the student requiring helps to come up to the standards of the Classes they are attending. Remedial coaching classes also could be organized during the long vacation like summer vacation or winter vacation for those students who are genuinely in need of such intensive coaching


College has a well equipped library. The library contains books, periodicals, magazines, journals pertaining to the courses and also of general interests of students. The college has special reading room. It also subscribes to different newspapers. The library is kept open on all working days except Sunday and public holidays

Infrastructure and other facilities

The college provides infrastructure facilities such as classrooms, furniture, library, laboratory and other necessary required facilities like book bank, the college provides sets of books to the needs and deserving students throughout the year from its book bank scheme

College has spacious neat and clean canteen. The college has well equipped gymnasium, the college also conducts various sports cultural, curricular and extracurricular activities for the students all round development

Mr. Shivaji Kalwale