Bachelor of Information Technology (BSc.IT)

F.Y. B.Sc. IT

Semester I


Professional Communication Skills

USIT 101

Applied Mathematics -I

USIT 102

Fundamentals fo Digital Computing

USIT 103

Electronics & Communication Technology

USIT 104

Introduction to C++ Programming

USIT 105

Semester II


Applied Mathematics - II

USIT 201

Web Technologies

USIT 202

Microprocessor and Micro Controllers

USIT 203


USIT 204

Digital Computer Networks

USIT 205

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S.Y. B.Sc. IT

Semester III

Logic, Discrete Mathematical structures

USIT 301

Computer Graphies

USIT 302

Advanced SQL

USIT 303

OOPS with C++

USIT 304

Modern Operating System

USIT 305

Semester IV

Software Engineering

USIT 401


USIT 402

Java and Data Structures

USIT 403

Quantitative Techniques

USIT 404

Embedded Systems

USIT 405

Download Syllabus of S.Y.BSc.IT

T.Y. B.Sc. IT

Semester V

Network Security

USIT 501

ASP .NET with C#

USIT 502

Software Testing

USIT 503

Advanced Java

USIT 504

Linux Administration

USIT 505

Semester VI

Internet Technologies

USIT 601

Digital Signals and Systems

USIT 602

Data Warehousing

USIT 603

Elective: Project Management

USIT 604

Project Report: Viva Voce

USIT 605

Download Syllabus of T.Y.BSc.IT