Bachelor of Financial Market (BFM)

First Year (Semester I & Semester II)

Semester I

Semester II

Principles of Investment

Environment of Financial System

Micro - Economics

Micro - Economics

Basic Statistics

Statistical Applications

Basic Computer Skills

Communication Skills

Financial Acconting

Management Accounting

Business Environment

Principles of Business Management

Second Year (Semester III & Semester IV)

Semester III

Semester IV

Dept Markets

Commodities Markets

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance - II

Equity Markets - I

Equity Markets - II

Banking in Financial System

Financial Services

Computer Applications in Investments

Taxation for Investment

Business Ethics

Security Analysis

Organizational Behavior

Business Law

Third Year (Semester V & Semester VI)

Semester V

Semester VI

Global Capital Markets

Risk Management

Regulation of Securities Markets

Corporate Governance

Insurance (fund) Markets

Computer Applications in Financial Services

Derivatives Market

Marketing of Financial Services

Foreign Exchange Markets

Mutual Fund Management

Portfolio Management

Customer Relationship Management in Financial Services

Porject - I

Project - II

Notes on project - 5.7 i.e. Project I will be a basic in nature like collection and presentation of data on the topic allotted while 6.7 i.e. Project II will be analytical nature on the project I, topics for projects will be finalized latter on in the workshops.